A Feature-Length Documentary by the Zenga Bros.

A refreshingly earnest and comedic documentary that tells the story of a family who have dedicated the last 20 years of their lives to sharing their vision of wild creativity through interactive film projects.

Disheartened that the transformative power of the camera has been eclipsed by screen scrolling, they embark on a final journey to meet their heroes and bring their own creative visions to life.

Filmed and edited by the Zenga Bros themselves, this is a timely and energizing story about the power of creativity.


After twenty years of non-stop adventure filmmaking, the Zenga Bros are considering giving it all up. They wonder if their message of wild creativity is having any impact on our screen addicted world. Before they pack it in, they're setting out on one last mission.

Like they've always done, they load up their handmade tall bikes with all the gear needed to survive and document their adventures. This time, they've set out to meet their heroes: the unknown creators, artists and builders who inspired them when they first got started.

Taking inspiration from DIY zines, The Wisdom of the Three Beans is assembled from the Zenga Bros personal archives.

You'll get a rare glimpse into the wildly creative environment they were raised in, from a big family in a small rural town, to how a video camera changed their lives and helped them spark a creative revolution in their community.

This journey brings them face to face with their heroes: independent publisher and Hobbit-hole dweller Dan Price, visionary builder Dan Phillips, who designs and builds dream homes out of reclaimed materials, to whimsicalist Steven M. Johnson, inventor and illustrator whose creative output is the definition of not-stuck.

A rousing call to action to free the wild creativity that's within you.

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