One of the hallmarks of a hometown skate sesh is making the most out of mostly crappy terrain. As one of Andy's friends affirms: "It was the only bump we had - so it was the best bump ever!"

In this one-of-a-kind skateboard film, we follow professional skateboarder Andy Anderson on an impromptu hometown session. We start the journey from his home - an Ambulance parked outside a community centre - and venture across town to the local coffee shop.

We gain powerful insights from Andy as he weaves his way down the street, takes shortcuts through alleyways, runs through a forested ravine and skates uphill. "It's the dead space I'm excited about." We observe how his attitude toward each spot - and every random encounter - brings them to life.

As filmmakers and artists ourselves, our intention is to bring art to the streets to surprise and encourage people to use creativity to transform everyday life. Skateboarding, and Andy Anderson in particular, is the perfect embodiment of this.

We were transformed by going on this simple journey with Andy and we hope this film casts a spell on you too - that the mundane vanishes and every spot, each encounter, will be full of possibilities again.


Artist: Venetian Snares
Track: Best P54, HpShk5050 P127, Mag11 P82
Album: Venetian Snares X Daniel Lanois

Artist: Botany
E.O.T.S., Wednesday Night October 28 2015, Tele-Vangelis, Raining Here 11.29.2019, Your Whole Life
Album: End the Summertime F(or)ever

Artist: Valotihkuu
Track: Afternoon
Album: By the River

Artist: DADRAS
Track: Club Paradise (DADRAS Remix)
Album: Terraform 2

Artist: Gobby
Track: Le Congy
Album: Beats by Gobby 2

Artist: Feral
Track: Sum, WASP
Album: Nexus

Artist: Peter Colclasure
Track: A Likely Carrington
Album: Una Corda

Artist: Kid Koala
Track: Gorillaz Routine
Kid Koala Bandcamp

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