Creative Fools Redeeming Everything

Founded in 1999 by a group of friends from a small town in rural Ontario, The Winking Circle began with weekly meet-ups to make 'bad art' and launch impromptu art bike parades.

We are a circle of creative fools committed to the redemption of everything!

Our mission is the eccentrification of the world!

We create everywhere. We weld 5ft forks on our bikes, jack up the frames and ride higher than a humvee. We watch the sun set not the TV set. We redeem everything. We would rather make things than buy them. We are not afraid to be fools. We would rather live our dreams than sleepwalk through our lives. We star in our own movies. We are our own heroes.

The Winking Circle is for all those who aren't afraid to make mistakes. If you've ever skinned your knees, had paint on your shirt or worn a crooked smile, welcome.

A visionary youth centre. A classroom for those who want to learn how to use creativity to improve their lives and make the world a better place. A monument to the positive impact normal people can have when they begin to understand that they are not normal people, only extraordinary ones in disguise.

A rehabilitation centre for those kicking the TV habit and breaking the spectator, consumer mindset. A gathering place for those who have realized that positive action is always better than passive entertainment. Most importantly, a physical testament to the truth that no person or thing is beyond redemption.

The Wisdom of the Three Beans embody the philosophy that The Winking Circle strives to live by: Create. Redeem. Be a Fool.

Create Everywhere

To be a creator, rather than a spectator. We create excessively everywhere. Nothing is spared from the creative impulse - our appearance, our possessions, our world.

Redeem Everywhere

To redeem rather than consume. We make the most out of what we have. Whether it’s a bad situation or a beat-up bicycle, we transform it into something spectacular.

Be a Fool

To be yourself rather than a follower. Through eccentric self-expression, we are willing to become a fool in the eyes of the followers.


Original Winking Circle meet-up at Willy & Dawna's on the 7th Concession.

Filming for the Winking Circle movie at the pop can house in Uxbridge, ON.

Winking Circle art bike ride in Toronto. One of many Critical Mass excursions to the city.


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