Making Movies to Build Creative Communities

Our first cameras were cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls. Might just be the greatest camera ever.

A crowd sourced movie project as a catalyst for wild creativity

We've been making movies with our friends and family since we were kids. We drew storyboards, built props, planed stunts and explored our surroundings in search of the best locations. If we didn't have enough people to shoot a scene we'd knock on our neighbours doors and recruit more friends.

We continued making movies throughout high school, with even more people eager to take part in the fun. The stunts got riskier, the props more elaborate and our adventures more epic. After high school we instigated a community film project called The Winking Circle, resulting in a fleet of custom bicycles, handmade costumes, colourful props and decorated homes spreading out across our town.

We were no longer just making a movie, we were living it.

We discovered the power of community filmmaking as a way to bring a diverse group of people together. We had the direct experience and shared joy of bringing our creative visions to life.

Movies made out of broken pieces, lovingly assembled into colourful mosaics

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